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Hiring Managers Want Applicants to Play Games (Video Games)

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Companies want to hire skilled applicants and keep them around, but traditional interviewing processes can only tell them so much. To find workers who have what it takes to be a success at their organization, many employers are turning to non-traditional recruiting methods — for example, asking applicants to play video games and solve puzzles.


That’s right, your addiction to escape rooms, complex puzzles and elaborate video games can be your way into some of the biggest companies out there. Here’s how.


Grabbing That Short Attention Span


“Companies once relied on job fairs and advertising to court applicants, but they are having to be ever more inventive to attract candidates with the technical savvy and skills they need,” writes Amie Tsang at The New York Times.


In June, car manufacturer Jaguar announced that it would use an app to help recruit 5,000 employees, including 1,000 engineers. Containing a series of puzzles and a collaboration with the band Gorillaz, the app asks applicants to assemble an electric concept car.


Per the company’s statement: “Traditional application methods remain open and CVs will be accepted, but Jaguar Land Rover invites potential applicants to download the app and break the codes and solve the problems to fast-track their way into employment.”



Puzzles and Solutions


Rather than asking the HR manager to facilitate a challenging Google-like interview process, companies are using puzzles to evaluate candidates’ technical skills.


Dyson, the vacuum cleaner manufacturer, has a series of puzzles that applicants must solve on its website in order to advance to the next stage of the hiring process. Dyson’s recruitment video says that they want to hire those that think differently, just like their company’s goal of being different than the competition.


“To put your wrong thinking, tenacity and determination to the test, crack the code hidden in our global challenge,” the company notes on its hiring website.


Where You Can Start


Besides being good at crossword puzzles or Jeopardy!, the great hires of tomorrow are often good at solving the unexpected puzzles that change rapidly, just like — wait for it — the real-life workplace. Try playing puzzles during your commute or in your spare time, alone or with friends, to prepare.


There are apps you can download to entertain and stretch your brain a bit. Or check out your local game store for some new activities that will help you get some interesting results for your noggin, and maybe even find your future employer.


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Anna Veng

As a team game the escape room is irreplaceable. They allow you to easily discover the real qualities. So it’s no wonder that in recent times the escape game has been used even for hiring employees. By the way, if you want to create an escape room, but do not know how to do it, you can help

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