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9 Tips for Getting Stuff Done at Work During the Busy Holiday Season

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Your job doesn’t stop when the holidays start — in fact, depending on your industry, you might be busier than usual. The end of the year at many organizations means conducting annual reviews and finalizing goals and priorities for the coming year, on top of attending to normal business.

For workers, this means somehow navigating a to-do list that’s more packed than ever, while simultaneously dealing with your more festive priorities outside of work. Here’s how:

1. Eliminate Interruptions

When you’re at work, hone in and stay focused. Minimizing distractions as much as you can should help you to get into flow state. You’ll be more creative, and more efficient and productive, as a result.

2. Take Your To-Do List One Item at a Time

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the big picture of the holidays. There is just so much to do. This is a really good time to get organized. Make a plan for what you need to do when and then stick to it as much as possible. Just take it one thing, and one day, at a time. Having a plan of attack for all your to-dos allows you to focus on each item that needs to be done rather than getting overwhelmed.

3. Make Time for Sleep

Getting plenty of sleep will help you to get more done and feel better. So, don’t sacrifice your sleep in an effort to attend to your to-do list. It will only stress your system and cause you greater difficulties down the line.

4. Get to Work Early

You don’t need to wake up earlier than usual forever, but doing so during the holidays might help you get through a tough time of year. Getting to work early helps you to hit the ground running. You can accomplish tasks while the office is nice and quiet. It could help you get out of there a little earlier, too.

5. Don’t Over-Commit

You know that the holiday season is really busy, so be careful not to be too ambitious when making plans for this time of year. If you can, schedule in a couple of down days each month. These gaps will help you catch up on responsibilities both at work and at home. If you pack your schedule too tightly, you’ll probably regret it later.

6. Meditate

Similar to spending time in flow state, meditation can help you be more productive. It improves cognitive functioning and supports creativity and innovation. Also, meditating helps you to feel calm and grounded, and it helps you make good decisions.

7. Eat Right, Most of the Time

Don’t beat yourself up for enjoying a holiday treat here and there. But, you won’t feel good if you really overdo it either. So, try to find a comfortable balance. Enjoy yourself in moderation and on special days, and then get back to a healthy routine. Eating right is a stress reducer — it helps you to feel good physically and mentally.

8. Get Some Fresh Air

Spending time outside is good for your mood, not just your health. Researchers have found that it helps reduce “rumination” — lingering on negative thoughts. If this process of overthinking goes on for too long, depression can sink in. Walking in nature busts that up by distracting us with lovely scenes that give us a greater sense of belonging and inner peace. So bundle up and give it a try.

9. Stop Trying to Be Perfect

One of the best ways to enjoy this time of year is to stop obsessing over it all. You don’t have to be perfect — at work or at home. The work will get done, the holiday tasks will be accomplished. Don’t worry. Take it one thing at a time and try to enjoy yourself.

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