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On #BossDay, Put Your Corporate Office TV Knowledge to the Test

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Today, on Boss’s Day 2017, we stop to appreciate that very special boss or manager in your life.

Maybe your boss is more of a Michael Scott type. Or maybe your boss is a straight-up evil Mr. Burns. Either way, managers of all kinds have big shoes to fill and it’s not always the easiest job.

It doesn’t matter what industry or capacity you work in, managing people and projects simultaneously is not for the weak. It can be pretty stressful at times, and it’s not always the most rewarding role in terms of worker appreciation.

For those reasons, we at PayScale have a really long list of ideas for how you could be celebrating your boss or manager on #BossDay — just in case you fell short. It all starts with just a little bit of appreciation.

Do You Know What You're Worth?

1. Take our Boss’s Day Quiz to test your corporate office life TV knowledge. Challenge your boss and see how your scores stack up.

2. Tell your manager how awesome they are — and let them know you appreciate them.

3. Is your boss clearly overworked? Tell them to get a salary report on PayScale so they can earn more money.

4. Take your boss out for a coffee.

5. Offer to take something work-related off your boss’s plate this week.

6. Buy your boss lunch today.

7. Take your boss out for a beer.

8. Get them a card and have your team sign it.

9. Buy them a world’s best boss coffee mug.

10. Bring them their favorite snack during a meeting today.

These are just a few ideas for celebrating Boss’s Day. How are you celebrating your manager today? Do you have ideas to contribute? We want to hear from you! Comment below or join the discussion on Twitter!

Featured Image: Matthew W. Jackson/Flickr

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