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PayScale’s VIP Blog Roundup: Are You an Adult?

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Even if you’d rather delete your account than use the hashtag #adulting, you have to admit that being a grownup is sometimes a challenge. Of course, grownup qualities like accountability and responsibility are essential, if you’re going to get anywhere in your career.

are you an adult
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In this week’s roundup, we look at a few other markers of adulthood that will help you achieve your professional and personal goals, as well as the best keywords for your job search, and free leadership advice you really need.

Jessica Stillman at Inc: Stanford Dean: You Need These 8 Skills to Qualify as an Adult

“A lucky few among us are old souls who achieve a level of wisdom, compassion, and basic life skills when they’ve barely reached their teens,” Stillman writes. “Others are hot messes who can barely manage to pay the electric bill on time into late middle age. In short, 18 isn’t a magical number. Being a functional grown-up is something people manage at wildly different ages.”

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Her list of signs, taken from a Quora response by former Stanford dean Julie Lythcott-Haims, includes managing your workload and being able to talk to strangers.

Susan P. Joyce at The 25 Best Keywords for You in Your Job Search

If you’ve read any career advice in the past few years, you’re probably familiar with resume keywords and aware of how important they are for getting your resume through the Applicant Management System. But do you really know which keywords you need to make sure your CV gets to a person? Chances are, you’re overlooking the obvious.

“If a recruiter is searching for someone with experience in Microsoft Word, your name won’t appear in search results unless your social profile or resume contain those exact words,” Joyce explains. “Most software isn’t very smart or forgiving. It won’t understand that, to be a successful administrative assistant, knowledge of Microsoft Word is required. Consequently, without that term visible in your social profile and resume, your documents or profile will not be seen by a human being.”

To learn what else you might be leaving off, see her post.

Lolly Daskal at her blog: The Best Free Leadership Advice You’ll Ever Get

“People are constantly asking me what they can do to make their leadership exceptional,” writes Daskal. “They usually expect the answer to involve costly coaching sessions, or expensive training programs. But the best advice I can give is a simple technique that will improve your leadership immediately without costing a penny.”

The answer is obvious, but if you’re a typically over-scheduled and under-resourced manager, it might never occur to you.

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