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Unemployed? The Voice of Job Seekers Is Here to Help

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If you do a quick Google search for “career consultant,” you can easily end up in a digital swamp of information overload. If you’re unemployed and find yourself in this position, look no further than Mark Dyson – a.k.a., “The Voice of Job Seekers.” Here’s the skinny on Mark, and how he can help you in your job search.


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About Mark Dyson, The Voice of Job Seekers

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Mark Dyson officially got into the business of careers in 2009 when he began a resume writing service. Once he realized that he had a lot more to offer than just resumes, he began concentrating on job coaching and being a job search advocate. Since then, he has evolved his wisdom into a weekly, free podcast that anyone can listen to for career advice and job search tips.

What Inspires The Voice of Job Seekers

Mark says that helping people find jobs is a great contribution to our families, country, and the world in general.

“Working for a living makes the world go round,” he says. “Whether done for free or pay, it’s one of the most caring things an individual can do for another.”

In his podcast, Mark says that many listeners have been able to connect with his guests, and even reaped some nice benefits, like speaking gigs from unexpected places.

I asked Mark whether he had any mentors or people who have influenced him to do this type of work. He said that although he’s had many peers and influencers in his life, his wife is probably his biggest inspiration.

“My wife of 25 years fuels my inspiration more than anyone,” he says. “The road of entrepreneurship is exhausting and lonely at times. There is a lot of hustle at times, and it takes a long time. By no means would I put my road to entrepreneurship as the blue print, but I would say she energizes it.”  

New Initiatives Coming Up

Mark’s passion thrives on helping people, which makes it no surprise that his next effort is focused on the under-represented voices in the career space. Mark says the podcast will continue as usual, but is going in a direction where he will be doing more teaching about careers and also inspiring a more robust conversation in the workforce beyond resumes.

Mark is a local in the windy city of Chicago, so if you’re in the area, make sure to reach out to him. Lately, most of his coaching has been focused on people changing careers who want to learn how to position their transferable skills into a desirable package to employers.

On the podcast, you can expect more great guests as well as more discussions aimed at issues like diversity, the gender pay gap, minimum wage, gay and transgender employment issues, and the race pay gap. One thing Mark does really well on his podcast is getting perspectives from people on these issues of all races and ethnicities.

Mark’s Biggest Concerns About the Workforce

Mark says that one of the most common questions is about how to get enough experience to land your first job. He says that today, internships and volunteer work experience replace the ancient entry-level positions. He believes that being connected with a vast network built online, and offline, is necessary and no longer an option.

“Be a resource and add value through giving more than receiving,” he advises.

Fore more information on The Voice of Job Seekers, check out the blog and career podcast for weekly updates. You can also follow Mark on Twitter.

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