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Do Tinder Users Care How Much You Make?

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There’s something quite amazing about Tinder. The app seems to have tapped humankind’s most basic desires and instincts, and trapped them all underneath the glass of your smartphone: find attractive person, move hand (or just one finger) to confirm attraction. But as more experienced Tinderellas can confirm, there’s more to the app than just a good picture. Since the “dating” app added the ability to list your job, the folks at Tinder have been able to find out which jobs get you the most right-swipes. It offers interesting insight into how much people value a high salary in a potential mate.

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After gathering data for a few months, Tinder went ahead and published a list of which profiles get the most affirmative “right swipes,” based on their careers. We were curious to see if that data showed any correlation between the desirableness of the career and the median salary.

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Check out the top three careers for men and women below, and see for yourself if Tinder’s just a bunch of money chasers.

1. Women: Physical Therapist | Men: Pilot

According to our data, the median salary for a physical therapist is $66,960, and for a pilot, it’s $101,338. As a frame of reference, the real median household American income in 2014 was $53,657, according to census data. But it doesn’t take Dr. House to diagnose that these careers aren’t desirable just for their salaries.

2. Women: Interior Designer | Men: Founder/Entrepreneur

The number two most-popular career for women to hold if they’re going to get a match is interior designer. According to PayScale data, the median income is $43,870 for someone in that industry. 

It’s not easy to measure the salary of an entrepreneur, per se. But for the sake of argument, let’s take the available data on aspirant entrepreneurs, i.e. the people who go to college for it. Based on our data, folks who receive a Master of Business Administration, Entrepreneurship can make a six-figure income, depending on their career path.

3. Women: Founder/Entrepreneur | Men: Firefighter

Taking that same assumption for entrepreneurial women, let’s skip ahead and look at firefighters – the only superheroes who are regularly objectified in calendars. If you’re a man in this industry, you’ve clearly got a good shot of matching with someone on Tinder.

According to our info, firefighters make about $44,078 annually.

One Last Observation

It would appear that based on this information, people on Tinder aren’t completely concerned with what you make. And maybe there’s a discussion in here about gender norms, stereotypically gendered jobs, and cultural expectations. But we’ll save that for another time.

Tell Us What You Think

What has your Tinder experience been like? Is this long-engaged writer completely out of touch with what’s “hip” on the dating scene? Are you a firefighter or physical therapist? We want to hear from you! Tell your stories in the comments below, or join the conversation on Twitter!

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