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5 Ridiculous Stories From Customer Service Workers


As the holidays roll in, it’s important for us to remember our friends working in customer service. Although customer service workers will almost guarantee you a smile, that doesn’t mean their days are filled with rainbows and kind people like you. See for yourself some of the most ridiculous stories from our customer service friends in the Reddit community.

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All the People Who Don’t Know How to Subway.
One user, who we can assume worked at Subway, has a lot to say about the annoyances of being a sandwich artist and in customer service. “The amount of stupid I go through everyday never seizes to amaze me. …A bean burrito at Subway. Or How much the 6$ menu is. Or that ‘I only want one person touching my sammiches’ when theres about 4 footlongs and a line.”

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The Large Threatening Man With Unacceptable Noodles.
In any workplace, employee safety is the most important rule to follow. You don’t want to put yourself or your co-workers in a situation that would potentially cause danger. User angelinabobina explains, “I’m a fairly small girl, and when I worked at a restaurant that specializes in ‘good, ole country cookin’ (yes, the one that is on most American highway offramps). I had a large man demand that I walk outside to his car with him to look at the cup of soup that he’d gotten with his take out and tell him if the amount of noodles in it was acceptable. When I told him that I couldn’t, due to safety and needing to deal with other customers, he threw a hissy fit and threatened to drag me to the parking lot by my hair and beat the crap out of me. He could have, you know, just brought the soup in if he felt that passionately about it.” If you find yourself in a similar situation, make sure and follow the safety-first route like angelinabobina did.

The Angry Man Who Wants All Your Honey Mustard.
Anyone who has worked in the restaurant industry knows that customer service automatically comes with the job. But sometimes, it can be hard to keep a straight face when your customers are absolutely ridiculous. Take this example from alltheswegs, a former fast-food worker at Chick Fil A. “This man walks in (about 6ft, athletic build, dark hair) and I play the ‘Hi, welcome to Chick Fil A, how can I serve you?’ card using my happy voice. The man walks up to the counter slowly, places his hands on the counter, closes his eyes, and says really slowly..’I just came though the drive-thru. I ordered some chicken nuggets with honey mustard. You didn’t give me any honey mustard and now (let’s out the world’s most dramatic sigh) I’m taking that whole case!” The man pointed to the case of sauces and literally demanded all 400 of them.

And This Guy Who Really Wanted His $1.50 Back.
People who work in customer service may tell you that requests for returns are pretty common. But what about when someone insists on a refund when they didn’t even purchase the product from you? Reddit user foodtrucknation shares his experience of a customer who came up to his serving window at a food truck and demanded a refund. Keep in mind, he was not an actual customer, but a nearby coke machine had taken his money without giving him a drink. Here’s how that conversation went:

Foodtrucknation: “That’s not my machine. That’s got nothing to do with us.”
Man: “I just need my money back.”
Foodtrucknation: “Look, that machine competes with us. If I had it my way, it wouldn’t even be there. That’s not my machine.”
Man: “It took my money. I just need my dollar fifty back.”
Foodtrucknation: “Man, if McDonald’s screwed up your order would you ask for your money back at Burger King?”
Man: “That coke machine took my money.”

According to foodtrucknation, this went on until he closed the window and literally left him there talking to the side of his food truck. Clearly, you can’t make everyone happy.

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