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The Top 4 Consulting Firms for Work-Life Balance


Consultants have a reputation for working long hours and traveling a ton. They have to be flexible go-getters who find creative solutions to problems or questions, and put clients at ease during times of stress. Even though a recent study found that many consultants might not be putting in as many hours as they claim, there is no doubt it’s a demanding and fast-paced job.


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However, as is the case with any profession, there is a huge range when it comes to the demands employers place on their workers. Recently, the career website Vault published a list of the best consulting firms for work-life balance. Let’s take a closer look at the top four companies.

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1. Point B.

Based on survey responses, this firm ranked number one for work-life balance. Maybe it’s because Point B, a Seattle-based consulting firm, demands less travel of their employees than most firms (their motto being “local people serving local clients”), but it seems there’s more to it than that. First of all, they encourage their associates to “be as busy as you want to be,” and telecommuting privileges abound.

“This firm was founded on the principle of flextime,” said Jennette Seward, Point B’s in-house publicist. “If you need to take Tuesday off to volunteer at your kid’s school and it doesn’t interfere with your client’s needs, you can do it.”

2. Eagle Hill Consulting.

Based in Arlington, Virginia, Eagle Hill Consulting Firm is, by their own description, a “family-run, women-owned” company. Eagle Hill was also recently named a top workplace by The Washington Post. The high rankings are mostly due to the unique and supportive company culture at the firm.

The company fosters a culture where everyone is valued and feels they have a voice said Eagle Hill’s President and CEO Melissa Jezior. “We also provide real and meaningful work-life balance – a topic a lot of organizations talk about, but struggle with in reality,” she said. “As a result, our team consistently delivers extraordinary management consulting counsel to our clients; perhaps that explains why ninety percent of our business is from either follow-on work or client referrals.”

3. Insight Sourcing Group.

Insight Sourcing Group, a small firm based in Atlanta, has been recognized for their unique company culture and extraordinary employee retention rates. This firm is growing quickly, and earning quite a reputation for excellence as it grows. Revenue has increased 143 percent since 2011.

4. Triage Consulting Group.

San Francisco-based Triage Consulting works with hospitals to enhance revenue. Since it was established around twenty years ago, Triage has helped recover $3 billion for more than 600 hospitals. Employees blur the lines between work, life, and service, as the company strives to be a socially responsible organization. They are involved in many philanthropic, educational, and environmental initiatives.

For more information, check out the complete list of the best consulting firms for work-life balance.

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George Donaldson

Your are spot on when you say “consultant have a reputation for working long hours and working a ton”… but this is where smaller and more nimble top consulting firms like Andrew Manton MBA & Co. can thrive. Solutions to complex challenges in changing market conditions are what our clients expect, but working longer hours without maintaining a good work life balance does not necessarily ensure better strategies and solutions. Good business transformation leadership can be achieved with good work-life… Read more »

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