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6 Fun College Majors That Might Start You on a Serious Career


For students, the end of August means an end to school vacation and the beginning of a brand new year. Some are excited, and others … not quite so much. For many college students, the end of August also brings thoughts of picking a major. It’s a big decision. These days though, you have many exciting options to choose from. Here are six you might never think of – but should.

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1. Theme Park Engineering

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Who said STEM majors were boring? If you’re an engineering type, majoring in Theme Park Design should keep you pretty engaged in the classroom, and it could lead you toward a very exciting future career. If combining elements of science, engineering, and design into one awesome major sounds good to you, look into one of the programs offering the degree, and consider going along for the ride – or better yet, building your own.

2. Adventure Education

These days, people are embracing the importance of alternative education models for teaching students. Leaving the classroom and heading into the great outdoors is an excellent way to teach personal growth and self-discovery, as well as environmentalism and science. If you like the idea of becoming an educator and you love spending time in nature, this might be the major for you.

3. Craft Beer Studies and Operation

The craft beer industry is booming, and experts believe there is still room for growth. Currently, there are more than 2,500 breweries in the U.S. (the most since prohibition) and more than 1,500 new facilities are in the planning stage. The thing is, craft beer is so popular these days that the supply still isn’t meeting the demand. If the industry interests you, this field of study could be a great way to help launch your career as a brewer or brewery owner, or both.

4. Racetrack Management

The University of Arizona is currently the only school in the country that offers a program in Racetrack Management. Enrolled students must choose between two areas of focus, the business side of things or the equine management end. However, someone who truly has a passion for both of these fields would make the best fit for this major and the profession that could follow.

5. Comedy

Historically, comedians learned how to do their job through studying performance, or working with a mentor, or (and probably most often) simply by learning on the fly through a process of soul-crushing trial and error. But these days, some people are opting to study comedy as their official college major. If you prefer the intellectual approach to the baptism by fire initiation, this might be the best way to try out a comedian hat for size.

6. Pop Culture

Your parents may feel that it’s a bit unclear exactly what doors a degree in Pop Culture might open for you, but this major could lead to some interesting avenues, such as a career in advertising, public relations, or blogging. If you love thinking deeply about movies, TV shows, cars, music, magazines, etc., than this degree could certainly be something you’d enjoy pursuing. Just make sure you ground the fun stuff in practical courses, and think about your long-term career plan.

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