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Best Cities for Gen Y Jobs


Did you know that Gen Y workers are now the most prevalent generation in the workforce today? Once known as the “lazy and entitled” generation, Gen Yers (or millennials) have trickled into the business world as employees and entrepreneurs and have revolutionized business as we know it – inviting a more transparent, laid-back, and tech-savvy work culture. Now that more Gen Y workers and business owners are in the business world now, it’s no surprise, then, that the workplace is also adapting to accommodate the likings of millennials.


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To see which cities catered most to Gen Y employees, PayScale did some investigating to see what Millennials value in a job and compared that to other factors like compensation, employee benefits, commute time, job satisfaction, job stress, and management opportunities. See the infographic below to see the top five metro areas for Gen Y workers across the nation:

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To bad I’m to old to be a gen yer. But somebody has to build their offices.

Tim Yacobian
Tim Yacobian

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