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Study Reveals the 5 Scariest Jobs this Halloween

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Just in time for Halloween, CareerBuilder has released the results of a study that surveyed over 3,000 American workers about the jobs they fear most. If you’re looking for a good scare this season, just imagine yourself in one of the following positions.

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1. Politician

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Of all the scary jobs in all the land, Americans are more afraid of being politicians than anything else. The responsibility, time commitment, and public scrutiny endured by these folks is more than most of us are willing to bear.

2. Microbiologist for Infectious Diseases

Hazmat suits are flying off the shelves as people dress up to embody this scary profession at costume parties this Halloween. Although most of us realize that the hysteria around Ebola in America is a bit over the top right now, few of us would volunteer to actually stand on the front lines of this frightening battle.

3. Security Guard at Teen Pop Idol Concert

Perhaps a fear of being trampled to death is a concern. Or, maybe it’s the worry that the music or the screaming tweens will permanently damage your hearing or sanity. Either way, this is a job few Americans would do willingly.

4. Kindergarten Teacher

The level of responsibility that comes with this important job is enough to scare most of us off. Molding the minds of America’s youth is no small task. But if that’s not enough for you, maybe the public speaking involved, or the lack of control you’re sure to grapple with will be enough to send you running.

5. Crime Scene Investigator

The gory, gross, icky factor is fairly massive in this profession. It may be fun to watch investigators solve crimes on TV, but few Americans would actually enjoy filling these shoes in the real world.

Want more? See the full list, here.

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