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Afterhours Activities That Can Get You Canned


Just because you’ve punched out for the evening, doesn’t mean you’re not at risk of getting fired. Many of the things that can land you in hot water at the office apply to when you’re off the clock as well. Phoenix Business Journal recently had employment law attorney and partner at Fisher & Phillips LLP, Shayna Balch, detail some of the more common fireable offenses.

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Harassment and Discrimination

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As Balch explains, a company policy on harassment and discrimination doesn’t just pertain to the workplace. It also applies to employee conduct outside the office, too. After-work happy hours are a prime example of where and when most violations occur. Be aware that comments made through social media can get you into equal amount of trouble, even if they were intended to be a joke.

Falsifying Statements

When talking about your employer, co-workers, or customers, it’s best to avoid saying anything that’s untrue. Once again, jokes are not exempt, and can be seen as a damaging misinformation that will cost you your job.

Loose Lips

Confidential company information should always stay internal. Sharing these trade secrets is strictly prohibited and will usually lead to termination if violated.

Unapproved Overtime

Hourly employees who do not get approval to work beyond their normal hours run the risk of being terminated, especially if they were specifically instructed not to work any additional time by their supervisor.

Working for Competitors

It should be obvious, but moonlighting for the competition is grounds for being fired. Freelancing is usually fine, as long as there’s no conflict of interest.

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