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3 Recipes for Career Contentment


When we’re choosing a career, we generally think about the skills we’d need, the responsibilities we’d have, and the salary we’d earn. Psychology Today reminds us to consider details relevant to our personal style. Different people have different personal needs that matter at work, and to succeed, one must feel content. What is your recipe for career contentment?


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1. Job Security

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For some adventurous types, job security matters little. Some people enjoy moving from one place of employment to the next. They fix problems and move on to help the next company. This keeps them engaged and motivated.

But for some, job security is non-negotiable. Some people will expend energy otherwise spent working on worrying about the future. If you need security, you may wish to look for well-established companies with a proven track record.

2. Pleasant Environment

A pleasant environment refers to the people and the place. If you need fresh air and sunshine, ask to see your workspace before you accept a position. You don’t want to get stuck in a windowless room.

Some people need to feel social during the day, and a necessary ingredient toward career contentment is affable coworkers. It may be hard to get a feel for this in the interview, but you can discuss company culture with the hiring manager. Also, pay attention to the friendliness of staff on the workplace tour.

3. Work Difficulty And Meaning

Psychology Today tells us that most people don’t mind if their work is too easy. However, when work is too hard, many people lose career contentment. Knowing if you want a challenge will help you choose a career and a place to work.

Some people need their work to have an ethical purpose. They may prefer working for a non-profit that serves a needy population, or a company with progressive environmental policies.

Apply what you know about your own needs for general contentment to your job search for best chance of being happy at work.

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