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5 Things You Should Do With Your Weekend (Besides Work)


If you’re old enough to remember when computers couldn’t fit in a purse, you also probably also have fond memories of the five-day work week. Nowadays, of course, many of us wind up working for at least some of that time — even though we know better. Here’s what you should do instead, if you really want to maximize productivity and job satisfaction.


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1. Do something fun — or do nothing at all.

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The problem with toiling through the whole weekend is that it makes every day blend into the next — not the greatest, if you’re in a deadline-based business. If possible, set aside at least one day a weekend to rest, connect with your family and friends, and relax.

2. Do chores.

Why do college students have giant piles of laundry? It’s not because they’re lazy. It’s because they’re busy every second. If you’re coming off a long week of work, you know how they feel. Use your weekends to get caught up on the little things around the house that will keep you from doing and feeling your best, come Monday morning.

3. Reconnect with your hobbies.

Even if you love your job, there’s something to be said for investing time in pursuits that don’t earn you a dime. Set aside time for hobbies, and you’ll feel plugged into the things that make you, you.

4. Take a break from technology.

All week long, you’re plugged in — to your computer, to your smartphone, to the news. Give your brain (and eyes) a rest, at least for a little while.

5. Get some exercise.

Working out only on the weekends won’t get you prepped for a triathlon, but it’s better than nothing, and it might make it easier to get into the habit of getting exercise during the week.

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