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Social Media Marketer – Most In-Demand Job Skill of 2013


If you’re looking to keep your professional skills current in 2014, then you might want to consider adding social media marketing to your list of credentials, especially since it topped LinkedIn’s list of the hottest job skills of 2013.

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Social media is the new way for individuals and brands to engage in today’s on-the-go, mobile world, with many companies shifting their marketing efforts predominantly online and through various social media channels. According to a recent University of Florida infographic, brands use social media marketing for three specific reasons: to connect with customers, gain visibility in the marketplace, and promote themselves. Therefore, businesses are looking for professionals who are proficient in social media marketing so that they, too, can reap the benefits of this cost-effective and successful marketing strategy.

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LinkedIn conducted a year-end study that named social media marketing as the most in-demand job skill of 2013. (See PayScale’s list of the hottest job skills of 2013, here.) What exactly does a social media marketer do? In its most non-technical and appealing form, a social media marketer is someone who is allowed to surf his social network feeds at work… and get paid for it. More specifically, a social media marketer must have an in-depth knowledge of the various social platforms available today, and he must also understand which ones are best suited for a particular brand.

Effective social media marketers are successful at gauging the marketplace, generating buzz-worthy content, expanding the company’s reach, engaging with audiences across various platforms, and being attentive to what the community is asking for and saying. Additionally, they are also responsible for creating, implementing, and managing various social marketing campaigns for companies. Being a social media marketer is no walk in the park, as many may think. However, it’s a great way for professionals to stay current in the job market and tap into an ever-evolving resource that is highly valuable for brands of all sizes.

To learn more about what it takes to become a social media marketer, take a look at’s in-depth infographic below.

How to become a social media marketing specialist

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See which companies are hiring social media marketers in your area.

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Perfect article on social media marketer role and a great Infographic that lets me to share on Pinterest 🙂 Social media marketing and Digital PR job will be in demand in 2014 too.

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