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20 Hottest Job Search #Hashtags


Want to find a job using social media sites in 10 seconds or less? The use of hashtags — those funny little number symbols found at the beginning of words and phrases — has made the job search blazing fast for job seekers who spend their time on popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Here you will find a list of the hottest job search hashtags you can use to boost your job search.

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Great Jobs are Just a Hashtag Away

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Perhaps there is no other source out there today that can provide fast access to new job postings like Twitter and Facebook, both of which make use of hashtag technology. If you are wondering what hashtags are and what they do, let’s briefly review them here.

Hashtags are a simple way to add another layer of context and metadata to micro-posts. Using the symbol “#” in front of specific keywords and phrases, the content becomes searchable and grouped by topic. For example, if you wanted to find information on bicycles using social media hashtags you would type “#bicycles” into search on Twitter or Facebook. The results populated will be those in which users have used this hashtag in order to help others find their posts more readily. On Twitter, you can also click on hashtags that others have used in their tweets to see all tweets that have also used that same hashtag.

Recruiters are actively looking for you – so why not make their job easier by using hashtags in your social posts, too?  If you want to announce to recruiters that you are looking for a job, you can include hashtags to get the word out on social networks. US News & World Report provides some ideas for using hashtags in a focused job search. Try adding #resume or #jobseeker to your social media feeds for some extra exposure when you are on the prowl for a new job.

Top 20 Job Search Hashtags

When it comes to finding job leads or industry news about hiring companies, hashtags can be very helpful in getting you to the right information faster. Additionally, you can use industry specific keywords and phrases with hashtags to get in front of a large number of recruiters who are searching for specialists.

Try these hot job search hashtags as you seek out your perfect career as indicated by a number of online publications and major career portals, including Forbes, Mashable, Social Hire, Social Media Today, Social Media Examiner, The New York Times and more.

General Job Search Hashtags











Industry or Demographic Focused Job Search Hashtags

#ITjobs  (or use your own industry acronym or spell out the full industry keywords in place of IT)

#hiringIT (substitute your industry term in place of IT)

#ITemployment  (again substitute your industry term in place of IT)

#recruitdevelopers (use the term most often used to recruit entry level workers in your field)




#hirevets (for military veterans seeking employment)



Let’s face it, if you want to get ahead in your job search, you will need to be connected via social networks and get used to using hashtags to find newly posted jobs. It’s been estimated that only about 20 percent of jobs ever get published using traditional advertising methods; therefore, the rest are to be found on free and low-cost resources like social media.  One powerful way you can find them is by using hashtags in your online searches. Try the above hashtags for better results.

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