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Never Forget a Task With “Remember the Milk”


When you’re struggling with the elusive work-life balance, you’re bound to lose track of something along the way. Or maybe you’re just a disorganized person who tends to forget things. In part three of my series on productivity, I take a look at the app Remember the Milk, which aims to help you, well, remember the milk and all your other important tasks.

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Remember the Milk (RTM) is a to-do list app for people who like to have a little more control and fine-tuning over their tasks. Its no-nonsense interface functions as a calendar plus to-do list, allowing you to add due dates and recurring tasks.

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The web and smartphone versions are free, and you can upgrade to a pro account to gain access to more features. A pro account gives you unlimited syncing (only once per 24 hours with free version), push notification reminders, location reminders, and priority support. For this test, I used the free version.

RTM is especially useful for those of you who have multiple obligations (e.g. work, school, and personal). Separating these tasks into different lists lets you focus on what you need to do for one area of your life or get the big picture by looking at all your tasks for the week.

All of the features and different views make getting acquainted with RTM a little overwhelming (which isn’t going to help those of you who are already in over your head), but after a bit of poking around, you’ll get the hang of it.


  • More control and features than a basic to-do list app or pencil and paper.
  • Focus on what’s important with different views.
  • “Smart Add” makes it easy to assign each task a due date, priority, list, and recurring traits.
  • Add notes to tasks (good for grocery lists!)
  • Sync across devices and to web.
  • Integration with Gmail, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Siri, and Twitter.


  • Pay for features like push notification reminders and location alerts.
  • Can only sync once per 24 hours with the free version. Get unlimited syncing with pro version.
  • Can be a little overwhelming to start

Bottom Line: Start with the free version and see if you like it.  You can upgrade to pro at any time and at $25/year it’s a fairly reasonable $2/month to help you get your life in order and help you remember the milk.

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