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Chef Gordon Ramsay: Tyrant or Teddy Bear?

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Can a man who uses the F-word every other breath while yelling at cooks really be kind, sweet, and a joy to be around? Anyone who has watched him hug “MasterChef” contestants goodbye has to wonder.

Gordon Ramsey

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Chef Gordon Ramsay has gone from professional genius in the kitchen to favorite television personality. His stage presence and energy are strong and captivating. On “Hell’s Kitchen,” would-be professional chefs battle it out, first in teams. Then, as their numbers are whittled down, they battle against each other for the final prize. After enduring being cursed at repeatedly by Ramsay on camera, Ja’nel Witt won the 11th season of “Hell’s Kitchen.” Part of her prize is working in one of Ramsay’s restaurants. One must wonder if the abuse continues, this time with a paycheck.

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On “MasterChef,” Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Graham Elliot team up to give “home cooks” a hard time. People with exceptional cooking skills and no restaurant experience battle it out for the title of “MasterChef,” a quarter of a million dollars, and they get to write a cookbook. On “MasterChef,” contestants get verbally abused by three professionals, not just one.

Ramsay is a busy man. He is also filmed cursing out kitchen employees on “Kitchen Nightmares.” In this show, he visits failing restaurants and attempts, in his own special way, to help them improve and thrive.

For all the cursing and yelling, it comes as absolutely no surprise that television professional Adam Rauscher, who has worked with Ramsay, claims he is warm, open, and while he may be a gruff and sarcastic, a lot of fun. Rauscher also talks about Ramsay’s humility; he rides in the front seat next to the driver and never comes across as “high and mighty.”

If you watch Ramsay on television closely, you can see it. It is the twinkle in his eyes. It is the way he speaks to contestants who are on their way home, giving them sincere compliments about the things they have done well. It is the warmth in his goodbye hugs.

MasterChef Junior” will debut on Fox on September 27, 2013. Ramsay will work with children who wish to earn the title, “MasterChef Junior.” No doubt he is great with kids. 

Gordon Ramsay: tyrant or teddy bear? Teddy bear; definitely, teddy bear.

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Jennifer Eagle
Jennifer Eagle

I do not like Hells Kitchen, as I see no reason to swear at people continually. Leadership does not involve this kind of language and Ramsay does not use it on his other shows. I believe he is a deeply committed and kind man, and love his cookbooks, but enough with the language!! 


I’ve absolutely adored Gordon Ramsay from the first! He’s genuinely warm + it does come across if you watch close enough. Love, love, LOVE this man!!!!


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