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The Two Most Important Networking Tips


Most people will tell you that networking is the one aspect of career advancement that they dislike the most. Sallie Krawcheck, a former Wall Street executive, says a great network should be thought of as a good investment. She provides two simple rules for networking, which might be the only rules you’ll need.

The first rule is to meet at least one new person in your area of interest every month. If you don’t meet a new person, try to deepen the relationship you already have with someone in your network.

The second rule is to do something nice for one person in your network each week. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend hours helping someone find a new job — it might simply mean introducing two people in your network who might be able to help each other, or recommending someone on LinkedIn.

While these tips might not find you your next big gig, they will help you build the foundation of your network and become known within your industry.

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