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3 Ways Blogging Can Help Your Career


In the olden days (before Twitter and Facebook, etc.) blogging was largely considered to be a waste of time. If you did it at work, it was on the sly, to avoid doing your actual job. Now, of course, many of us make our living blogging. But even if you don’t, there’s a lot that blogging can do for you, professionally.

Rachel Maleady on Levo League recently posted a piece outlining exactly how blogging can give you a career boost. Here’s what the right kind of blog can do for you:

1. Create or solidify your brand.

OK, the term “personal brand” is a little corny. It’s still important. Whether you’re a published author positioning herself for speaking gigs or an intern just starting out on his career path, blogging can help show the world what you can do. It can also help you realize what you’re most interested in, which will then help you focus your efforts on developing that part of your CV.

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2. Round out a weak writing portfolio.

Low on professionally published clips? If you have a personal blog, you can create your own on any subject you’d like to write about. Good writing speaks for itself.

3. Create your own job … or lead you to the perfect gig.

Maybe you won’t sell your blog for millions of dollars, but that doesn’t mean it can’t contribute significantly to your bottom line.

“Running your blog like a business by working with brands or public relations companies, utilizing social media, and analytic tools is impressive to employers,” Maleady writes. “Don’t treat your blog like a joke, treat it like a side business and include it on your resume.”

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