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Why Your Social Media Obsession is Good for Your Career [infographic]


You know that guilty feeling you get for checking Facebook at work, because you think that if someone sees you, they’re going to assume that you never do an ounce of work … ever? Well, according to the University of Florida’s online MSM infographic, you can actually turn that guilty obsession into a viable career!

Companies are beginning to see that having a social media marketer on board can be extremely valuable to the bottom line. A career in social media is an excellent choice for young professionals who are looking to find the right mix of business and pleasure. 

According to the University of Florida’s online MSM infographic, “How Your Social Media Obsession Can Become a Career,” the social media industry is definitely on the rise, with projected job growth of roughly 13 – 24 percent by 2018. Additionally, the infographic indicates “that 30 percent of brands are not using social media to its fullest because they lack employees with the right skills,” meaning that there is also a definite need for qualified candidates. Take a look at the other figures in the infographic below to see how social media has impacted the way businesses and customers communicate and engage through sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and the like.

Now you won’t have to worry about getting caught looking at your social media networks at work, because you’ll be getting paid to do it. It doesn’t get better than that, folks.

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University of Florida Online Masters in Social Media

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