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Using Employee Happiness as a Business Tool [infographic]


Keeping employees happy is much more important than creating a fun and motivating office environment. Happy employees equal productive employees and that benefits the bottom line. The infographic below from Gravitate outlines how happy employees benefit the business.

Many people have feelings of unhappiness towards their jobs. Thirty-four percent to 43 percent say they are stressed out, have been given unrealistic expectations, are unhappy about their salaries, don’t feel secure in their position, and don’t feel there is space for them to grow in the company. This kind of unhappiness can lead to a higher level of absenteeism. More than half of American workers say they have missed work due to stress.

However, the benefits of happy employees are endless. More than half of happy employees are more likely to help out their colleagues and almost all said they identify more strongly with the company culture. These employees will also care more about their work. They will spend more time on tasks, will feel more energized, will feel more satisfied with their work, and will use less sick days.

Learn more about how happiness can be used as a business tool in the infographic below.

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