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College Grads Want to Work at Microsoft, Not Facebook


Contrary to popular belief, it looks like Facebook hasn’t yet taken over every aspect of young people’s lives — especially their career paths. According to global employer research and advisory company, Universum USA, good old Microsoft wins over the younger, popular social network when it comes to where recent graduates want to work.

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Is Windows 8 really that good? Maybe. Or, perhaps today’s young people simply wish to land a full-time job with a successful, innovative technology company that has a proven track record of longevity and, in turn, may just offer a greater sense of stability. 

Microsoft also revamped its branding last year, so that could be a reason why younger demographics are getting hip to the tech giant. 

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Maybe it’s their fun, new commercials, too. Or, it very well could be Facebook’s constant additions, changes and lack of easier privacy controls that are deterring young people from wanting to work there. 

Is Facebook really a stable workplace? Whatever the reasons are, in an age where social media seems to rule the world, these findings have come as quite a shock to many.

Of the polled 65,679 college students, from 312 universities in five fields of study –business, engineering, IT, natural sciences and humanities/liberal arts – they not only picked working for Bill Gates over Mark Zuckerberg, but even over global web marketplace, Amazon. 

You can read the rest of the findings here, where Google, unsurprisingly, placed first for the second year in a row amongst business majors. Apple came in third.

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