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An Employment Snapshot of the Class of 2013 [infographic]


If you’re one of the tens of thousands who will be graduating this year, then you might want to pay attention to this informative SpareFoot infographic.

Around 1.8 million people will graduate with their bachelor’s degrees. Sadly, 8.8 million are expected to be unemployed. There is some good news too, though. If you’re looking at a profession as a software developer, accountant or market research analyst, you’ll be in luck, as those are some of the best hiring fields.

If money’s what you’re looking for, then you’ll want to find your way to an engineering degree. That field contains five of the top nine highest paying jobs for grads. These include computer, chemical, computer, mechanical and electrical engineering.

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on the college graduating class of 2013.

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snapshot of class of 2013

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