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Fatigue and Your Workplace [infographic]


Some might argue that the world seems to be moving at a faster pace than it did before. This can mean that many of us are struggling to keep up. This can also mean feeling fatigued at work, as this TMS Consulting infographic proves.

There are many symptoms of fatigue. Drowsiness is an obvious one, but there’s also mental exhaustion, an inability to concentrate and a declination to perform that all factor in. The consequences of these symptoms are a lack of productivity and even problems with health and mobility.

Perhaps most alarming is the fact that fatigue in the workplace can affect workers’ safety. When an employee has worked four days in a row, they are 17 percent more likely to experience a workplace accident. There are even legal consequences when fatigue contributes to accidents at work. The courts have declared, “Employers have a duty to take reasonable care for health and safety of all employees in the workplace.”

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on fatigue and the workplace.

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