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Want a Better Love Life? Ask for a Flexible Schedule


We all know that flex time helps with work-life balance, enabling us to juggle domestic responsibilities and professional expectations. But a recent survey suggests that working from home, at least part of the time, could help us out in another area of our lives as well — specifically, our love lives.

The job searching site FlexJobs surveyed 1000 people to see how they felt a flexible schedule would impact their lives.

– 99.5 percent said that having a flexible job would make them a happier person.

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– 82 percent said that it would help them be a more attentive partner.

– 47 percent thought it would increase the frequency of date nights.

– 49 percent felt it would benefit their romantic relationships.

– 41 percent thought that a flexible schedule would improve their sex lives.

Granted, as Ruth Graham at the Grindstone points out, a company specializing in flexible jobs might be a little biased about their benefits. Still, doesn’t this just seem like common sense? Having more control over our professional lives and spending less time stuck in traffic means that our stress levels would be lower, which might make us feel more romantic. Plus, skipping the commute means we have more hours in the day in which to ply our beloved with roses and Pepe le Pew-style eyelash batting.

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