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Marissa Mayer: Innovator or Company Killer?

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In nearly every survey taken of the American worker, "job flexibility" features at the top of the list of the perks employees dream about. Many tech companies pride themselves on offering their employees the option to telecommute, create their own schedule, or work from home on an as-needed basis. In our ever-changing world of what constitutes acceptable work/life balance, it's no wonder Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's new ban on telecommuting has the tech world buzzing. 

One Big Happy Family?

According to Lisa Belkin of HuffPo, Mayer's new anti-WFH stance is based on a desire to make Yahoo feel like one giant family. But will it be a happy family? Today's workers are constantly in pursuit of that elusive white whale, work/life balance. Telecommuting, or the ability to work from home, is commonly cited as one of the best means to achieving better balance between the office and the home. 

Trading Innovation for Attendance

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One main concern voiced in response to Mayer's firm stance on employee attendance is that Yahoo runs the risk of losing their most innovative employees. With this move, Yahoo is setting itself apart from other internet and tech giants who boast the ability to telecommute as one of the major job perks they offer. Some of the harshest critics are claiming this ban on a flexible work schedule could cause the most innovative and creative workers to jump ship to other competitors, resulting in what might be the final nail in Yahoo's coffin

Tell Us What You Think

We want to hear from you! Do you think the tech community is overreacting to Mayer's firm stance? Or do you think her riskiest business move yet could be her last as Yahoo CEO? Share your thoughts on Twitter or in the comments. 

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