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Make It Happen Career Goal Round-Up


Happy Friday! It's been a great week here at PayScale, spent crunching data and finding the best career advice we can, all to help you achieve your goals. We are your 24/7 cheerleaders, excited to see you #MakeItHappen. In case you missed them, here are our favorite blog posts, all about making your goals a reality

Be Better At Your Job

A productive worker is a good worker. Read The 10 Commandments of Productivity and show your boss how you can shine. 

Get a Raise

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Negotiation is an important part of getting the raise you want. These 3 Rules will help you master the art of negotiating. 

Change Careers

Who has had more careers than Sir Richard Branson? Read on for 5 life lessons he's gathered in his many careers. 

Get Hired

Don't make one of these job interview mistakes. Learn to interview like a pro by practicing with friends. 

Find a New Job

Can't decide if you should stick it out in your current gig or start looking for something new? Check your job for these 3 signs it might be time to move on. Or, if you are currently job hunting, be sure you don't tip off your current boss to your search.

Get a Promotion

Work smarter, not more. Show your boss what you can accomplish and we're certain big things could happen for you. 

Tell Us What You Think

We want to hear from you! What career goal are you working on? What advice has helped you the most? Join the discussion in the comments or on Twitter, using the hashtag #MakeItHappen.

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