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How to Get Clients Who Didn’t Know They Needed You


Now that you have finally come up with a business idea that might actually make you a bit of money and are ready to start snagging clients that are willing to pay the big bucks, it's time for you to learn how to convince potential customers that they need your product or services.

One of the most common traits of a startup is having the solution to a problem that most people didn't recognize (hence why your business is innovative). One of the challenges of such a company is convincing people that this problem exists and you're business is the only one around that can solve it. The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) points out five ways startups can do just that in a recent post on Forbes.

First, tell your story. How will potential customers miss out if they choose not to use your product or service? "Use relatable, real-world scenarios that show how life is better because of your product — so they too can visualize how they might benefit from using it," YEC writes.

Using video to tell that story will help keep potential users' attention. This method will keep people engaged in a short time span. Keep it short, but make sure your message is getting across clearly.

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Be patient when waiting for the potential customers to bite on your product. Things will start slowly, but that doesn't mean it won't pick up soon. Use this downtime to get feedback from the customers you do have and learn how you can improve your product.

Be accessible so anyone can find you. Most of the customers you gain won't seek you out, so make the experience as easy as possible. An intuitive website and good customer support are vital.

Lastly, encourage customers to share your product with friends and colleagues through incentives. Word of mouth is the best way to get people talking about your new business. Using a referral program that offers discounts can lead to new users who already trust your product.

Do you have any other tips for entrepreneurs looking for new customers?

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