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3 Tips for Rebranding Your Professional Image


Your resume is a thing of beauty. Your interview skills are first-rate. So why aren’t you getting hired? It could be because your image isn’t all that it could be.

“Job seekers often think that just because they have experience, HR managers will find their resume attractive,” writes career expert Heather Huhman in a post on Personal Branding Blog. “But the fact is, hiring managers are increasingly looking beyond the resume and cover letter to determine if a candidate would be a good fit. They’re conducting Google searches, reading blogs, and otherwise digging into your professional image to determine just how well you know your stuff — and if you’d be a good fit for company culture.”

Huhman offers several tips on how to rebrand yourself for a successful job search. Here were a few of our takeaways:

Do You Know What You're Worth?

1. If you don’t know how, learn. Take a class. Subscribe to newsletters. Watch webinars and listen to podcasts. Bonus points if you synthesize all this know-how into your own blog or online outlet, and direct hiring managers to your sparkling new web presence.

2. Look at your online presence with the eyes of a hiring manager. Take a look at your social media profiles — all of them, even the ones you tend to neglect — and make sure that they reflect where you’d like to be headed.

3. Network, network, network. Huhman points out that most of us know that networking is the best way to get ahead in our careers, but get derailed by shyness. If you make one goal for your job hunt in the coming year, make it getting over that fear. It could be the main thing that stands between you and the job of your dreams.

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