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12 Developing Countries Where the Millionaire Population is Exploding [infographic]


Do you want to be a millionaire? Well, your best bet to become one might lie in a developing country. According to a Global Wealth Report from The Financialist, which looked at personal wealth from around the globe, in the next five years or so, that’s where the majority of the world’s millionaires will come from.

We’ve just entered the year 2013 and in four short years, by the year 2017, we can expect to see a country like Brazil evolve from 227,000 millionaires to 497,000. That’s a growth rate of 119 percent. There’s a country that’s expected to fare even better, though. China should see a rise in their millionaires go from 964,000 to 1,901,000.

Those aren’t the only countries to keep an eye on. Malaysia is expected to see a growth of 108 percent. Meanwhile, over the next five years, Russia will see their number of millionaires grow by 109 percent. Now that’s the kind of fiscal cliff we would all like to stand on.

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on 12 developing countries where the millionaire population is exploding.

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