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Does Leadership Quality Matter? [infographic]


What can the University of Notre Dame teach us about leadership quality? A whole lot, especially if you look at the similarities between leadership in sports and business. A good leader can bring a team to the heights of greatness or knock them to the ground before they’ve even gotten the chance to start.

It’s a fact that high-quality leadership can lend itself to a more productive and successful business. A great leader engages employees, has a passion to lead and is able to retain its workforce by 70 percent, compared to 24 percent of unsuccessful leaders.

There are some surprising leadership beliefs, though, such as the fact that 61 percent of leaders believe key business decisions are made by the higher-ups, with little input from the average worker. Fifty-four percent see their organizational structure is sliced, rigid and hierarchical. Then, there are 44 percent of leaders who believe that strategic planning is a bureaucratic nuisance. Ouch.

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on leadership quality.

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