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Should All Employees Get Election Day Off?

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With Election Day right around the corner, Inc. magazine writer Leigh Buchanan poses a fair question: should all employees get the day off to head out and vote? For some entrepreneurs, the answer is a resounding yes.

Ben Goldhirsh, the founder of GOOD Worldwide, is among those who is giving all of his employees a paid day off. “Voter turnout isn’t just a reflection of the challenges of working and voting,” he told Inc. “It’s a reflection of the separation between the government and the citizenry.”

Although most states’ legislature mandates that employers give their workers some time off to vote, the concept of a full paid day off is still somewhat foreign. As part of their new initiative Take Back Tuesday, Goldhirsh and his team at GOOD have amassed a group of nearly 60 nonprofits and businesses that have pledged to put Election Day on their calendar of paid holidays.

How much time off does your employer give you to vote?

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