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Why You Should Learn to Code [infographic]


Everyone — yes, including you — should learn to code, according to this infographic by There’s never been a better time to get some developer skills under your belt.

Startups like Codecademy, the Khan Academy and Carnegie Mellon’s Alice are just some of the dozens of options for code tutorials. Many of these, including the aforementioned three, are completely free. Paid lessons, such as the $12,000, 10-week program offered by SF Developer Bootcamp, are an even more promising option in terms of career growth. Seventeen of the first camp’s 21 alumni got job offers; their average salary was $79,000.

If you need more convincing, chew on this: software developers are part of an exploding sector. Between 2010 and 2020, this job’s projected growth rate is 30 percent — twice as fast as most jobs. Even systems administrators and computer technicians’ job growth rates are lower, at 19 percent and 18 percent, respectively.

Check out the full infographic below. Are you inspired to learn to code?

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