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What Causes Workplace Stress — And What You Can Do About It [infographic]


Seventy-five percent of workers feel that they have more on-the-job stress today than their parents had back in the day. While our folks might have a different opinion on that one, it’s safe to say stress in the workplace isn’t going away any time soon. So what causes it? And what can we do to make things better?

Unsurprisingly, employee turnover is a big cause of stress for most workers these days, especially the kind that HR euphemistically refers to as “involuntary.” (You know, the kind that’s caused by a giant cardboard box full of your stuff, and an increasingly tiny severance package.) Higher workloads and lack of control over our workdays also play a role.

The infographic below outlines the physiological effects of all this stress — plus, a few ways to tackle the problem.

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