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4 Ways to Cure Work Stress


Work stress doesn't appear in most job descriptions; why is it so prevalent? Geoffrey James argues in an article for Inc. that it's all in our heads. He suggests the following four strategies to keep work stress at bay. (Note: is your salary stressing you out? See your actual salary potential and know your worth here.)

  1. Clear your mind. Mindfulness is essential. Meditate or pray to focus on your breathing, let go of anxious thoughts and help you emotionally and mentally reset.
  2. Plan. Creating a road map for your day will enable you to think through possible problems and setbacks and strategize essential tasks. This puts you on offense rather than defense as your workday progresses.
  3. Detach. "Once you've made a plan, put your attention on the steps, not on the outcome," James recommends. "Until events prove otherwise, trust that you've created (and are now executing) the best plan possible."
  4. Measure and adjust. Conduct periodic reviews of your work. What actions are advancing your progress toward goals? Which actions are hindering your progress or worse, leading you away from them? Use the results of this review to plan more appropriately next time.

What tips would you add to these to cure work stress?

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