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3 Surprising On-Campus Jobs That Boost Your Resume


Can’t afford to take an unpaid internship? You don’t have to choose between building your career and maintaining your bank balance.

The Huffington Post interviewed career experts to find the paying gigs that will actually help students land a sweet gig after graduation. The full list of eight jobs is definitely worth a look, but these three stood out to us as jobs most students would never even consider:

1. Be a Professional Twitterer

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“Get paid to be a Twitter brand ambassador for your school while boosting your social media savviness,” says Nicole Lapin, the founder of “Most universities have a Twitter account nowadays, not to mention separate accounts by department and sports clubs. They constantly need to be updated to keep current and prospective students as well as huge alumni networks abreast of what’s going on.”

Tweeting for your school is a great resume builder, but it’s also a good way to network your way into future jobs, either online or off.

2. Produce a School Play

Behind-the-scenes jobs like set-building sometimes pay actual money, and you can photograph your work at every stage, in order to get a start on a professional portfolio. Even if you don’t decide to apply to an MFA program or go into professional set design, your work will demonstrate the ability to work as a team and on a deadline.

3. Become a Professional Sports Fan

Interested in exercise science, sports management, or just really love your school team? Lapin suggests visiting the athletic director’s office to inquire about gigs as a sports team manager or trainer’s assistant. Perks include free passes to the games, occasional travel — and possibly a line on a full-time job after graduation.

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