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Hipmunk ‘Spite’ Feature Lets Assistants Get Back at Bosses While Booking Flights


The new Hipmunk “spite” feature is sure to give bosses even more reason to treat their assistants with respect. The travel search engine aims to show its users optimal flights based on factors like duration, layovers and price. Hipmunk Business Class, though, has a feature that rank-orders flights with the worst available travel experience first. Will executive assistants all over the country finally get the last laugh?

“We’re still marketing and selling as a product for individuals,” said Adam Goldstein, the CEO of Hipmunk, to Fast Company. “The strategy is to go after assistants who might put it on their company card or buy it themselves because it’s useful.”

Despite this seemingly innocuous description, Fast Company points out the pop-ups that appear when users mouse over the spite rankings, which read, “Is the boss making you angry? Make him suffer!”

Hipmunk Business Class is available for $10 a month after a 60-day free trial. In addition to its ranking features, travelers can save their travel preferences, receive hotel and flight options in their email for approval, and have their Google or Outlook calendars automatically sync with their latest Hipmunk travel plans.

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