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Simple Ways to Work Out at Work [infographic]


Just 1 in 7 U.S. workers is of normal weight without chronic conditions, and this KT Tape infographic outlines several ways to work out at work in an effort to stave off the many health risks associated with sedentary lifestyles. Some of the suggestions are fairly straightforward — bike to work if possible, swap your desk chair out for an exercise ball, climb stairs as often as possible — but others enable you to get a decent workout without even leaving your desk.

Take the chair squat, for example. This modified version of the classic squat, which some experts hail as the single best exercise you could do, involves standing in front of your chair and repeating the act of sitting down without actually doing so. Easy enough, right? Another workspace-friendly exercise is the desk pushup, which is performed by leaning against your desk and pushing your body away. The closer you get to parallel with the floor, the tougher this pushup becomes.

In addition to the exercises below, health experts also recommend that office workers take a brief break from sitting every 20 minutes or so. Do you envision yourself cranking out a set of desk pushups the next time you review your email?

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