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The 12 Craziest Resumes We’ve Ever Seen (Actually Work)


One resume looks like a Facebook profile, complete with a picture and likes and dislikes. Another is a mock-up of a horror movie poster, featuring a blurb in "scary" font proclaiming the applicants various terrifyingly creative attributes. A third CV, sent to Google, resembles a Google search results page.

All are — how should we put this — slightly bananas looking. Oh, and also, they totally got their creators an interview. No mean feat in an era of double-digit unemployment and hundreds of applicants for every job opening. Business Insider originally assembled this list of quirky resumes.

The key to all of these resumes is that each showcased the job applicant’s particular skills in a way that the individual employer could appreciate. Eric Ghandi’s Googletastic resume, for example, obviously works best for getting an interview at Google.

In general, the standard resume advice applies: highlight your experience, be mindful of keywords, and make sure the formatting and spelling are top-notch.

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Once you’ve got the basics ironed out, you can create a few attention-grabbing versions that will appeal to specific employers. Who knows? You might just develop a secret weapon. Joe Kelso, the guy with the monster movie CV, says his resume has never failed.

“Every time I sent that out I got an interview without fail,” he said. “So if I really wanted an interview somewhere, that’s the one I would use. A lot of times, I got interviews even when I wasn’t an exact match based on my experience.”

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