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Go Geeks! PayScale at the Seattle 2.0 Startup Awards

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We're not proud of it. Well, okay, maybe we are a little. Many of PayScale's employees are pretty geeky. We get excited about complicated board games and tech gadgets and send out emails with titles like, "Hot Prop to Test Cluster – Please Review." Say what?

So, when local, online tech news source GeekWire called for sponsors for its fourth annual Seattle 2.0 Startup Awards event we rushed to join in the fun. We sponsored the "Startup CEO of the Year" award, presented by our own CEO Mike Metzger. And, we whooped it up at the party. What were the highlights?

– "Geekiest Coffee Shop" award – We were rooting for our local fave, Zeitgeist Coffee. But, it was beat out by a formidable opponent, Uptown Espresso in South Lake Union. South Lake Union is a burgeoning tech and biotech hub here in Seattle. Our old-school, startup-rich neighborhood of Pioneer Square just could not compete. By the way, both coffee shops are worth a visit if you are ever in town. They brew each cup of coffee by hand and it's delicious.

– Mixing and Mingling – "Oh, look, it's that person who had that really cool idea and made millions of dollars off of it!" We certainly recognized some faces in the crowd and enjoyed the fact that the award we sponsored went to the CEO of a much loved site, Cheezburger. Seen this belly laugher, for example?

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– Super Organized – From clearly hearing the speakers brief, clever speeches to easily reading the name of the award on the big screen, the event had a swift pace and kept our attention focused – which is hard to do with a bunch of video game enthusiasts who blow up hundreds of things a minute for fun.

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