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Love and Salaries on “The Bachelorette” TV Show

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By Bridget Quigg

Another season of the “The Bachelorette” is winding down after a dizzying display of alpha-male behavior and slurpy make-out sessions. Ashley barely wipes the make-up off her eyes from one romantic dinner before she’s whisked away on a motor scooter, her cheek resting on some guy’s brawny back.

How has she managed to sort through all of these cuties? It’s hard to imagine the task but she’s narrowed the field to two lucky guys: Ben F. and J.P.

While their choice of career might not be as important, at the moment, as their kissing skills, we here at PayScale want to make sure that Ashley is fully informed before she makes her final decision. Don’t just fall for the charm, Ashley!

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Once she and her soon-to-be “Honey” are driving the kids to soccer practice, saving for college tuition and making house payments, all of the former glamour will be gone and monthly bills will be left. Ashley might like to know that her man is going to able to contribute to the family bottom line.

So, here are the facts about Ben F. and J.P.’s careers, according to and online salary database

Ben F. – Winemaker, Sonoma, Ca.

Ben F. brought Ashley wine the first time he met her because, let’s face it, winemakers are cool and sexy. We figured that at age 27 he likely has, at most, 5-8 years of experience. He’s in Sonoma, so his salary range is $48,260 – $81,560 per year, according to PayScale. Not bad at all.

That said, since Mom and Dad own the winery, he may be earning extra and has the potential to run the whole show one day – even own the winery. At the very least, if he stays a “winemaker” until he nears retirement, his salary range will be (in today’s dollars) $71,380 – $127,850. He and Ashley should be able to pay those bills, it looks like.

J.P. – Construction Manager, Roslyn, N.Y.

J.P. offers the sex appeal of being a certified Mr. Fix-It and, Ashley believes, a first-rate Smooch Master. He is in an industry that has seen hard times, and will see them again if the economy slows.

J.P. is quite a bit older than Ben, at 34, so that means he is more experienced at work and has had a few more raises. A construction manager, with 8-13 years of experience in Roslyn, N.Y., has a typical salary range of $72,160 – $109,600 per year, according to PayScale. J.P.’s quite a bit ahead of Ben already.

A few years down the road, somewhere around retirement, J.P.’s salary could grow to $93,200 – $149,340 (in today’s dollars), still ahead of Ben. And, while he may not inherit a business, he could go into business for himself and earn even more.

Our Advice to Ashley on "The Bachelorette" TV Show

All salary analysis aside, Ashley, we hope you keep your own skills and finances strong and don’t rely too much on your honey’s hard work. Be empowered, follow your heart and have fun!

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