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Name: Paula Barham

Job Title:
Wedding Inc. Founder and Director

: Sydney, Australia


Years of Experience:
14 years

Relevant Experience:
I previously worked for a business planning different types of events.

Sydney institute

Annual Salary:
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What are the duties of a wedding planner?  There’s more to it than finding the right caterer, the perfect dress, and most importantly finding the client.  Paula Barham covers the positives of being a wedding consultant as well as the challenging aspects of the job. Being able to work with people on a regular basis is key. Even though a wedding planner course is helpful, you are always learning something new about the job or about yourself.

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I started my own wedding planner business five years ago and from day one, it took off. In Australia it is a fairly new concept but the past couple of years it has really picked up. I started on the local market and picked up about 4 weddings a month and taking in between $3,000 to $4,000 a wedding. Then I decided to plan Japanese weddings and from day one I made a contract with some agencies to plan 8 weddings a month and our business just grew!

I believe it takes passion and lots of drive to make a business work. It can be tough at times. I have learnt to accept rejection and move on even stronger. Running a successful wedding planning business takes courage and initiative. Now I train women how to run successful wedding planning businesses and I find it really rewarding when I hear the success stories.

PayScale: How did you start a wedding planner business?

Paula: I decided one day that I was going to start my own wedding planning business, and I just did it. I have never looked back, and I have learned so much about myself and about people.

PayScale: What was one of your favorite moments as a wedding planner?

Paula: I had a client who was in a very bad financial situation and was brokenhearted that she couldn’t even afford a wedding dress. I lent her a dress and found some one who could do the catering for her that cost her $3 a head for cocktails and to this day she is so grateful. The food was smoked salmon caviar and the like. It’s good to know friends in the business who still have the heart to lend a hand!

PayScale: What are the most challenging duties of a wedding planner?

Paula:  Dealing with the pubic can be challenging. Pleasing people and being diplomatic is sometimes hard. However, it makes you a better person when you consider others above your self.

PayScale: What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a wedding planning business?

Paula: Go after it. Make sure you do a wedding planner course. Check with the Wedding Planning Association of Australia for courses they would recommend.

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Thank you for your sharing, is really useful! hopefully to get in touch with you on sharing more about wedding planner trend. 🙂 !

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