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Name: Debbie Johnson
Job Title: Web Developer
Where: Sacramento, CA
Employer: Infotech Consulting
Years of Experience: 10
Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of Phoenix
Annual Salary: $60,000 (See the PayScale Research Center for the median salary of software developers in the US by years experience.)

Looking for some useful information before you go rushing off to that Web Developer job in China? A Web Developer salary tends to be higher than a Web Designer salary, but less than a Software Developer salary. But it’s not always just about a salary, right? If you’re curious about a day in the life of a Web Developer, then you won’t want to miss our interview with Sacramento based Web Developer, Debbie Johnson.

Web Developer Job Description:
Develop and maintain intranet and internet sites for a project for the State of California.

PayScale: How did you get started as a Web Developer?
Debbie: “I learned how to develop sites when a friend needed a site done.” Previously, Debbie worked as a graphic designer.

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PayScale: What do you love about working as a Web Developer?
Debbie: “I have the flexibility to learn and apply new technology. My deadlines give me plenty of time to accomplish my tasks. I can make and implement recommended updates to functionality and aesthetic appeal.”

PayScale: What are the biggest challenges you face in your job as a Web Developer?
Debbie: “The biggest challenge in working with a government organization is response time. It took three months to secure a Web host. New purchases go through a long process. Most requests interacting with the intranet or internet host must go through the tech team and are vigorously pursued in order to come to a timely resolution.”

PayScale: What’s the craziest / most amazing / most interesting thing that’s happened to you while working as a Web Developer?
Debbie: “The craziest thing happened during a project that I completed for a private client. I scrambled to complete an extensive website, which he then decided he wasn’t going to use and didn’t have to pay for.”

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