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From One HR Leader to Another: My Personal Recommendations for #Compference17

There’s a lot to of great stuff to see and do at Compference 2017. But unfortunately, you simply can’t do it all. To make sure you go back to the office on Thursday feeling excited and motivated (not exhausted), I’ve put together this list of must-see sessions tailored just for HR leaders.

“The Formula for a Winning Company Culture: Data on Engagement Trends”

Surprise! Millennials do care about pay, and recent studies show that compensation can be one of the most powerful tools in nurturing engagement, productivity and performance. Join our Lead Data Analyst, Chris Martin, on Tuesday, October 3rd at 11:50 am, for the latest on what’s affecting engagement today, including trends, demographics and the connection between job satisfaction, pay and retention. During this session, The Formula for a Winning Company Culture: Data on Engagement Trends,” he’ll also share hands-on strategies for increasing engagement at your organization.

“The Dynamic Duo of the Future: Real-Time Engagement Data and the Right Rewards with OfficeVibe”

Continue the engagement discussion on Wednesday, October 4th at 10:15 am, with the founder of SimplyConnect, Jamie Colvin. During The Dynamic Duo of the Future: Real-Time Engagement Data and the Right Rewards with OfficeVibe,” Jamie will share why yesterday’s engagement strategies (those from a mere three years ago…) simply can’t deliver the results today’s business leaders expect. Get ready for a high-energy discussion focused on future-proofing your engagement and rewards strategy.

“No Reviews, Know Performance”

Are you ready to unlock employee potential? Increase engagement? Improve employee-organization communication? (Who isn’t?) Then No Reviews, Know Performanceis a must-attend for your Wednesday, October 4th schedule. Beginning at 10:55 am, Rana Hobbs, Director – Products Analytics/Data at Ultimate Software, will share how to move away from reactive traditional reviews and toward productivity- and engagement-driving continuous feedback. Get ready for a riveting discussion on building stronger organization-worker relationships and nurturing employee potential (and productivity!) using modern tools, such as natural language processing and other machine learning technologies.

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“Design Thinking and Adaptive Leadership Framework for Human-Centered Change”

You’re building a stronger compensation framework, but how do you introduce it to — and get crucial buy-in from — employees, managers and leadership? After all, even good change can be a hard sell. At Design Thinking and Adaptive Leadership Framework for Human-Centered Change,” the co-founders and principals of management consulting firm Catalyz, Zachary Smith and Ben Grossman-Kahn, will share a more human-centered way of introducing change, from using empathy to engaging stakeholders to identifying which challenges — technical or adaptive — stand in the way. This don’t-miss session begins on Wednesday, October 4th at 11:35 am.

“Comp and Culture”

For your final session before the closing keynote, make sure you stop by Comp and Culture at 3:00 pm on Wednesday, October 4. Rusty Lindquist, VP HCM Strategy, Intellectual Property, Product Marketing at BambooHR, will share the powerful economic reasons for focusing on people and culture, as well as how compensation is the keystone of that culture. This session will ensure you head home ready to leverage the full power of compensation in your organization.

Enjoy your time in Austin!

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