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#Compference17 Day 2 Wrap Up: Technology, Compfidence and Happiness.


Day one of Compference was a full day packed with plenty of comp focused keynotes and sessions. To break it up a bit, day two of compference showcased keynotes that went slightly outside of the standard box of comp while still provided thought provoking strategies and tips anyone can apply to the world of compensation and HR. In case you weren’t in Austin to experience the keynotes first hand, here are some of the biggest takeaways and highlights from day two of Compference17.

Putting Tech In Its Place With Nir Eyal

In case you aren’t familiar with Nir Eyal, he is the best-selling author of Hooked: How To Build Habit-Forming Products. Needless to say, Nir is pretty well-versed in everything related to habits, including our addiction to social media and other technologies we use everyday at work. Here are some of this best insights.


  • Being always “on” can make us mentally ill.
  • Rechecking your email is a waste of time. Instead, label emails by when you need to respond.
  • Use technology to delegate low-value tasks like coordinating meetings and booking travel.
  • There is nothing wrong with doing nothing. It’s important to take breaks from work.

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The Science of Communication with Vanessa Van Edwards

Meet Vanessa Van Edwards. Vanessa is the author of the book Captivate: Use Science to Succeed with People. In a nutshell, Vanessa is all about the understanding  what makes people tick. She is a human behavior investigator whose talks have been featured on TED and her writing has appeared in places like the Entrepreneur and the Huffington Post. Here’s the best takeaways from Vanessa’s fascinating talk on the science of communication.

  • Happiness makes us want to take action. It is the most affective emotion.
  • Give your colleagues the gift of positivity. Help them look for hints of happiness. 
  • Even the smallest positive comment can change the way people feel.
  • Prime your meetings by naming them in a way that represents the outcome you are looking for.

What Will You Do Monday with Ken Roden

If you haven’t met Ken Roden yet, you should. He’s PayScale’s director of product marketing, and he lives and breaths everything related to compensation, and of course, Compference. One of Ken’s missions at Compference this year was ensuring that attendees left with an actionable playbook that Compference attendees can put into action once they get back from Austin. Here’s his biggest tips.

  • At Compference, you invested in you. Take time to recap all that you have learned. 
  • Build an alliance. Build COMPfidence.
  • Be the driver of change in your company.

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