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Communicating Pay the Right Way: Why It Matters and How to Do It [New Ebook]

Compensation can be a tricky topic. What someone is paid has an enormous impact on his or her life, and can carry all kinds of implicit meanings.

It can be the difference between Angela in marketing having the funds to allow her kids to join a second sport, and having to tell them not this year. It can be John the product manager having the vacation days to finally take that international trip, or having to postpone it for another day. It can mean Ashton feeling valued by her employer, or feeling like she should look elsewhere.

A compensation package is made up of clear-cut numbers and policies, but the subject of pay is far from black-and-white — there are lots of emotions involved, whether positive or negative. This can make talking comp with employees stressful.

Not to worry. We’ve just launched a new ebook to help you get pay-talk right. Download Communicating Pay the Right Way: Why It Matters and How to Do It to learn:

  • The importance of effective compensation communication
  • Where communication breakdowns occur
  • The strategies and tactics you can use to improve your organization’s practices

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Here’s to stress-free, successful compensation conversations!

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