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Everything You Need to Know About Communicating Pay [New eBook]

Compensation can be a sensitive, and therefore scary, topic. Emotions frequently run high in these conversations, and pay decisions touch every level of the organization: employee, manager, HR/comp pros and executives. Comp is hugely important, and hugely important to get right. It can be stressful.

But fear not! With the proper preparation, education and support, calm and confident compensation conversations are possible. And today, we’ve got just the resource you need to learn how to institute clear, informed, effective compensation communication in your organization.

Based on the incredibly popular webinar “Communicating Pay to Employees” by Rusty Lindquist, VP Strategic HR Insights at BambooHR and Mykkah Herner, Modern Compensation Evangelist at PayScale, this eBook covers everything from the emotional and psychological aspects of communicating pay, to the holistic nature of compensation, to recommended talking points for a variety of comp scenarios and much more.

Specifically, it covers:

  • Understanding how pay is perceived and why perception matters
  • The 16 elements of engagement, satisfaction and performance
  • The “exchange of value” and value drivers
  • Work-related cognitive biases
  • How communication preferences differ among generations
  • How and why to lead the comp conversation
  • The different communication roles in overall comp communications
  • How and why to increase transparency around compensation
  • Talk tracks for specific compensation scenarios (including the not-so-pleasant ones)
  • Using data to back up positions and decisions
  • And even more!

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Download your copy today for both deep theoretical insights and practical action items. Cheers to smooth-sailing comp convos!

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