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How to Get Your Boss to Approve Your #Compference17 Expense

Compference 2017 is a steal of a deal. PayScale’s second annual Compference, the modern compensation event for comp professionals, HR professionals and business leaders, includes keynotes from major industry influencers like Nir Eyal, public speaker, consultant and author of “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products”; John Sumser, Principal Analyst for HRExaminer; William Tincup, President of; Vanessa Van Edwards, Behavioral Investigator at Science of People and more — we’re adding new speakers every day.

There are also dozens of educational sessions to look forward to, on relevant topics like product how-tos, customer success stories, trends in compensation data and communicating comp at all levels of the organization. Not to mention the networking opportunities and the chance to explore amazing Austin, Texas (delicious food! live music! Austin City Limits Music Festival right after Compference!). This year’s theme is “What’s Your Pay Brand?” and we’ll be exploring how compensation plans impact company culture. You don’t wanna miss it!

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But we don’t need to sell you on the value of attending this great event; we know you know. We need to sell your boss. Or more accurately, we need to help you sell your boss.

No worries — we’ve got ya covered. It’s all about spelling out how your attendance generates benefits not just for you, but also for the company. It’s about demonstrating how the event pays for itself. Here are the things to highlight:

Professional Development

Compference 2017 is certified for continuing education credit by both the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI). Additionally, you’ll be exposed to what’s top-of-mind for industry experts, and have multiple opportunities to network with peers in your industry and in similar-sized organizations to yours.

Benefit to the company: You’ll bring back ideas and learnings to help your company stay abreast of trends and ahead of competition in “winning the war for talent.”

Actionable Takeaways

This event puts a high priority on moving beyond theoretical discussions and into practical, actionable ideas and advice. You’ll walk away from two days of knowledge-sharing feeling prepared and motivated to make positive changes at your organization. There’s even an actual playbook involved, so when you return to the office and your boss asks you what you learned, you’ll have a plan to share.

Benefit to the company: The ROI of sending you to this event is so tangible, because you’ll gain directly applicable learnings — not just theoretical understandings.

Cutting-Edge Methods

PayScale is known for being the leader in developing and presenting new compensation approaches (examples: creating a compensation philosophy, adjusting compensation plans for millennials, etc.). Attending Compference will give you instant access to the industry’s newest big ideas.

Benefit to the company: Your extra-fresh compensation intel will boost your organization’s ability to modernize its compensation strategy (or continue to keep it modern).

Advanced Topics

Comp is about way more than salary. From compensating millennials to gender pay equity and beyond, Compference hits all the related areas HR and compensation professionals need to be in-the-know on to be great at their jobs.

Benefit to the company: When you have a holistic understanding of compensation, you’re better equipped to help your company develop an intentional “pay brand” (because after all, the way you pay says a lot about you).

Pre-Event Workshops

PayScale product experts will be onsite to host full-day deep-dive product trainings. You’ll be hands-on in a small-group setting, learning all the ins and outs of PayScale products. Have your laptop open!

Benefit to the company: You’ll return to the office with new product knowledge that helps your organization implement the full capabilities of its PayScale products.

Now you’re armed to pitch Compference to your manager. High five and see ya in Austin!

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