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Top 16 Compensation Blog Posts from ’16

We’re looking down the end of a very eventful year. As always, it’s a mix of celebration and farewell as start to count down to midnight. From Pokemon Go to the Rio Olympics to the Cubs finally winning the World Series. From Aleppo to Zika with Brexit in between. From Carrie Fisher and George Michael to Alan Rickman, David Bowie, and Prince. The US elected a new president which brings a change in administration.

2016 was a busy year in HR too, between FLSA and Minimum Wage legislation, and the ongoing changes to performance management. At PayScale we’ve had a fun year keeping you all up to date with the haps. In honor of a full year, here’s a full countdown of the Top 16 posts from 2016!

#16: Companies Use Pay Alternatives to Keep Employees Around

Have you wondered what types of non-cash alternatives companies are using to compensate employees? This sixteenth top post explores the pros and cons of using non-cash incentives. It also gives a few non-cash compensation options for you to explore.

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#15: Be a Unicorn. What Your Compensation Package Says About Your Business

In this fifteenth top post, Tess Taylor explores how you can help your organization stand out like a magical mythical creature. In particular, she looks at the power of a compensation strategy, a diverse mix of pay, and really finding that one thing that sets you apart from all the rest.

#14: FLSA News: Will It or Won’t It?

In 2016 we told the long tale of the FLSA Overtime Rule. In this fourteenth post, while we waited to elect a new president, we reviewed the things that could potentially prevent the rule from going into effect on December 1st. As you may remember, it was the long shot that stopped the overtime rule.

#13: New Required Reporting Proposed to Close Gender Pay Gap

The EEOC announced that they would add salary reporting to the annual EEO-1 reporting. The update since this thirteenth post is that the new reporting is now effective March 2018. The EEOC consists of five presidentially-appointed members, each due to complete their terms during Trump’s presidency, plus a presidentially-appointed General Counsel, currently vacant. It remains to be seen if the new reporting will make it to fruition, but given the trend toward federal deregulation it seems unlikely.

#12: Forget Happiness. Wellness Emerges as a Compensation Strategy

In HR circles, we’ve been talking about employee satisfaction and employee engagement for a while now. This twelfth Compensation Today post looks at the connection between employee engagement, compensation, and wellness strategies more broadly. The notion of wellness is used in a multifaceted way, meaning financial, physical, and more!

#11: One Company’s Ride on the FLSA Coaster

During PayScale’s first annual Compference, a compensation conference, attendees heard from Brooke Birdsong at Associa about how they were preparing for the changes to the FLSA rules. When the Texas court put an injunction on the changes, we went back to Brooke to ask for her thoughts about what they would do next. In this eleventh top post from 2016, we hear all about their ride.

#10: FLSA Stories: It’s Starting to Get Real

In the days before the FLSA injunction, I was hearing a whole host of stories from employees about how their organizations were communicating about upcoming changes to FLSA. The stories ranged from great to less than great in this top ten post. While the FLSA changes may have halted, the organizations can’t stop communicating with employees. The lessons still ring pretty true.

#9: How do we put a price on what our employees do at work?

Another PayScale customer came to Compference to share their experience developing a data-driven, market-based pay structure for their organization: HPM Building Supply in Hawaii. Following the conference, Gretchen Magnuson wrote this ninth top Compensation Today post to discuss how demonstrating fair pay to employees is an extension of their values.

That’s it for part one. Join us tomorrow as we count the rest of the way from #8 to the #1 most viewed posts of 2016!

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